Cold Room Services

Airfall Cooling Services provides full design and installation package for any type of cold room constructions. We build cold stores of all sizes and temperatures that are required. Our range of services areas include:

  • Freezer rooms
  • Food production areas
  • Service works
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • We also supply cold room materials and spare parts.

Types of cold rooms that we deal with;

Industrial cold rooms

These are used for storing higher volumes of stock such as pallets and bulk quantities. They have a lot of space which can involve access for vehicles such as forklifts and trucks. They have different desi8gn features from the rest to accommodate larger doors and pallets racking for the access of vehicles and the internal storage.

Made to measure cold rooms

This is a customized cold room: The customer gives the dimensions that they require. It gives a range of option sizes.

Walk-in cold rooms

These are cold rooms that you can upright walk in. No crouching in or awkwardly bending to get to something you have stored. Modular and Combi are examples of Walk-in cold rooms. A cabinet refrigerator that you can open and the shelves are immediately in front of you. The shelves are on either sides of the room.

Combi cold room

This a quite simple one room divide into two; the chiller side and the freezer side. The main access into the combi cold room would be through the chiller side then there is a door to access the freezer side. Each one is controlled by two individual refrigeration units.

Modular cold room

These are made up of standard sized panels, all of which are easily locked together. They are supplied flat packed, making it easier to unload and they are much less space consuming.