Air Conditioning Services

We supply mostly LG and Samsung brands and we are also doing installation servicing, maintenance,
repairs and giving recommendations to all brands and models of air conditioners.

Types of Air Conditioners we deal with:

Split Air Conditioner

It consists of indoor unit which wall-mounted connected to an outdoor unit by small copper pipes and wiring. They are mostly to air condition one room or a small office area.

Multi-split air conditioner

It is used to air condition more than one room using one outdoor unit. It is used where there is limited space to mount several outdoor units.

Ducted Air Conditioning

This air conditioning system is a very high quality and effective method of cooling/ heating a building. The customer sees no visible machinery or system but an inconspicuous vent in the ceiling. It is mounted above a ceiling and ducting installed to take the air to the vents located in each room of the home/building.

Ceiling Cassette

This system is above a ceiling void and the white four-way unit is the only visible part. This air conditioning system allows air to flow in four directions and gives a larger area of coverage. This system is mostly used in offices, event halls, restaurants and banking halls.

Convertible Air conditioner

It can be flipped and placed on the ceiling, therefore making it a convertible system. The system proven to be effective as well as mounted on the low part of the wall and look like a radiator except it blows hot or cold air rather than using water. It is installed when there is no ceiling void or no wall space